Taking Care of Your Property:

We are more than just property managers, we are asset managers! This means that we will proactively monitor your property to inspect for any damage, wear and tear, maintenance needed, etc… We make it easy on the people who don’t live close to their investment or who don’t want to mess with it! We use keypad locks on the doors for ease of access to the guest with their very own code good for the duration of their stay, but also to monitor who is going in and out of your property. We keep an eye on these to make sure that no one is trying to enter who shouldn’t be. We do regular inspections of furniture, pillows, kitchenware, etc as well. By having us handle any maintenance issues for you, get everything the cleaners and guests need and keep your property in top shape, it removes the stress for you! We want for your experience in owning a vacation rental to be as easy and pain free as possible; all while we make you a great return on your investment and partnering with you to provide an AMAZING experience your guests will think back to for years to come.


Getting You Started or Somewhere In-between:

If you’re thinking of investing in a short term rental, we can be a one stop shop! We have an in house realtor who can work with you, or your existing realtor, to find the best property for you! Whether that’s driven by our data and you wanting top dollar return, or for this venture to simply pay for itself so you have a wonderful second home to take your family and friends to! We also have a design team that will head all necessary renovations and outfitting of the property for vacation rentals. It takes quality products and vast knowledge to know what to supply, so you can rest easy knowing our team of experts will get you durable, eye catching products at our trade discounts to save you time and money! Once your property is completed and brought up to our standards, we offer superb management!


Obtaining and Managing Guest Stays:

We are driven to make you the most amount of rental income we can and we go about this in many many ways! Since our inception, we have earned the status of Superhost on Airbnb and have been chosen for their “Select” status on 2 of our Austin, TX properties! We are also in the brand new Premier Partner program with HomeAway/VRBO (roughly top 5% of property managers) and members of the Vacation Rental Management Association! When managing a new property, the first thing we do is pay for professional quality photos of your property. We have someone dedicated to monitoring occupancy and changing rates on a regular basis to get those calendars filled! Guests are thrilled with the way they are handled as we supply great information on where they need to go, things to do and being there for them 24/7 during their stay! We should also mention that we hold an average response time to guest inquiries of under 6 minutes!! We offer online instant booking, same day booking and even one night stays! Many people think managing one night rentals is too time consuming, but want to fill those gaps, so we don’t mind one bit!


If you’re interested in investing or having us manage your property, call or email us and we will get you some more information and answer any questions you have! We currently have a waiting list, but we reach out to current owners to see if they are willing to sell to our investors and can get the ball rolling for you!