What We Do & FAQ’S

Why we are “Above the Rest”…

A Stay Above The Rest was founded by vacation rental owners who have a huge passion for travel and hospitality. We like to think of ourselves as “asset managers” rather than just “property managers”. We take care of things so that you never have to worry about your investment or second home being abused and left in bad shape. Since we are in this for the long run with our owners, we want to build lasting relationships and will do everything we can to make sure that we are keeping your property in great condition while maximizing rental income and occupancy. With our mix of luxurious accommodations, great customer service and an excellent return on investment, we offer the perfect mix for those who are wanting more out of a property manager!




Purchase– We will help find you options on where and what to buy! Our data gives us access to the perfect combination of size, location and ROI! Take advantage of our extremely knowledgeable in- house realtor.






Remodel– We will even manage a remodel, if necessary, for you! Our design team will make sure that the entire

property will flow from tile and flooring choices, paint, decor, furniture and more!




Design/ Outfitting
– Our design team can handle properties that are partially or fully furnished to bring them up to our standards, staged for photos and ready for vacationers or handle a complete finish out for a completely empty house. We’ve done it all and our girls rock at making our properties absolutely beautiful and durable!! We barely charge anything for our services and get trade discounts to save you money. Our goal is to bring your property into our rental family, then make money off of the rentals in the long run.



– A lot of our owners/ investors of our properties never even step foot in their rental and we handle everything for them. If you want to be more involved, we do that, too! Our rates management, property quality, marketing mix and drive to succeed is proving to blow other rentals out of the water! We are making 2-3 times as much as other property managers and taking all of the hassle and extra hidden fees away. We are investment minded and don’t only want to cover the cost of your investment property, but make you money! Take a look at some of the things below that set us apart!



  • Airbnb Superhost since inception of company
  • HomeAway/ VRBO Premier Partner since program release
  • Hand picked from Airbnb for the pilot launch of “Airbnb Plus” for design/ look and guest satisfaction
  • Members of Vacation Rental Management Association
  • Members of Vacation Rental Management Intel
  • Top of the market property management software
  • High occupancy with record high average daily rate (of comparable properties) in our rental markets
  • Many owner references and testimonies of our efforts to maximize owner profits and care for properties

Guest Services:

  • 24/7 guest support phone line (call/ text) – Not having a front-desk is a big challenge for the short-term rental industry.  That’s why we provide 24/7 contact for our guests. It’s important someone is available immediately throughout the reservation process and during their stay.
  • Instant Booking– We allow instant booking on all listing sites. This not only helps with the sort order of properties and health of each listing on the sites, but also allows for guests to know that it is 100% available and easily book their stay immediately. It gives them a peace of mind that we have up to date calendar and rates. Over 90% of our guests utilize this feature!
  • 5 Star Guest Care – We understand how much vacations mean to people. Some of our most precious memories are made on vacation and we keep that in mind through every step of the rental process for each guest.
  • Easy Access – We only use smart locks on our properties (we pay for them!), so each guest gets their own door code for that is only valid for the duration of their stay. We send very detailed instructions with pictures and maps if necessary so they know where to go and what to expect. We also have overly helpful staff to ensure they are taken care of. We make the entire process for them as easy as possible!
  • Fast Responses – We are EXTREMELY attentive to inquiries and questions. Average response time is 6 mins!! (we do not use an auto response). Yep, you read that right! The world we are in wants instant gratification and answers to their questions, so we do our best to be there for them ASAP during the entire process. 
  • Maintenance – We have a team of contractors and tradesmen to respond to problems promptly so that the guest’s stay does not suffer in all locations.
  • Information – Binders are supplied with information on property (even how to use the remotes), where to eat, things to do as well as emails prior to guest arrival with suggestions on things to do and a reservation staff eager to answer questions.


Owner Services:

  • Complimentary professional pictures for us to advertise your property and surrounding area.
  • No Cost in Smart Lock or Smart Hub – We offer a plan that we will buy the smart lock and hub to be placed in your property as part of our initial setup and taking on a property. If you want to own the lock and hub, then there is an option for you to pay for it.
  • No Linen Pool – We’re conscientious of the costs in owning/operating a vacation rental. Rather than the industry standard of sharing all sheets, towels, etc. with other properties, then annually replace them, we replace as needed to save you on operating expenses and keep them separate from other properties. This way, you are not penalized if another property has a greater amount of wear and tear on their linens and vice versa. 
  • No Hidden Fees- We make money by making you more money! Our revenue is driven through larger quantity of bookings rather than collecting expensive fees and upcharges to owners. We have both the owner’s and guest’s best interest in mind! We treat you how we would expect to be treated- we are owners, too!
  • Security & Keyless Door Locks – Each guest has their own unique code as well as all staff and contractors. Our smart locks tell us the instant someone enters the property, so we know if someone should not be in there. We also have the availability to update codes, unlock and lock the door in a matter of a few seconds remotely. We also offer a smart thermostat that knows when the property is vacant vs occupied, door/ window sensors and camera monitoring (at an additional cost) if necessary. 
  • Tax Reporting – We handle the collection of the rental, cleaning, taxes, etc. and report taxes to the appropriate agencies so you do not have to worry. 
  • Rates Management – We set ourselves apart by completing a comprehensive rate analysis multiple times a week for your property. This rate analysis along with regular productivity reports are used to determine the best rates for highest occupancy and revenue. They are subject to change very often due to this (sometimes daily or multiples times a day).
  • Owner Portal – Our software has an online owner portal where property owners can see availability, maintenance tickets, rental income, monthly statements and run reports for your property(s). 
  • Owner Relationships – Our property owners are not a number, but a partner with us! Everyone on our team knows who each of our owners are, what properties they have and are able to call them all by name! We are here to build a long lasting partnership with our owners and investors.
  • Monthly Payments are deposited directly to your bank via ACH deposit. All monthly statements are emailed and available to see in the owner portal by the 7th of the following month. 
  • Advertising Rentals – We list our properties on multiple sites including our personal website, Airbnb, HomeAway/ VRBO, Expedia, Booking.com, Tripadvisor and more. We also run email campaigns, are active on social media and are listed on multiple smaller sites to drive more business to our website. We see a great percentage of bookings on our website and have a large list of previous guests we advertise to. 
  • Instant Booking – While this is also a guest perk, it is a huge perk to owners and our properties since listing sites show favoritism to properties with instant booking capabilities. Guests also love being able to book instantly instead of having to wait for a response on whether or not the property is available, so our properties stand out and get booked more often than those that do not have instant booking.




Will I still be able to use my property if A Stay Above The Rest is managing it for me?

Absolutely! Keep in mind that the more you use it during holidays or peak times the less money you will make, but all you need to do is contact us to book your stay days (info given later on how to do this) and pay a cleaning fee after each stay.


How do I make my property “Above The Rest”?

We have a list of requirements for all of our properties we can provide you as well as having one or more of our staff  come take a look at your property and on a case by case basis give our opinion on what we think may need changed, purchased or even just rearranged. Furnishing your personal home is much different than a vacation rental with both looks and durability. We also want it to look top notch! We have certain standards on quality and items offered to guests, so a look around your property is the easiest way to establish a plan of action! We will then compile a bid for you on either remodel and/or design/furnish and can handle all of the purchasing and setup for you. When we give you a bid, we give very conservative numbers so we do not have to ask for more money. We want you to know exactly what to expect with us- we are all about honesty and setting the right expectations.


How are rental rates determined?

There are many facets to how rates are determined and maintained. We have specialized software to determine your true competition, we carefully watch occupancy and demand levels and several other factors. Rates is one of our top priorities and are very likely to change often due to a mutual goal of wanting to maximize bookings and profit while staying competitive, but not to lower the quality of guests we attract.


Do I need to provide cable, wifi, Netflix, etc.?

We do require wifi to be provided, strong signal and stable. Basic cable is required. We also require Netflix be provided and we will take this out of your rental rates each month ($11.99 for 2 devices, $13.99 for 3-4 devices). Providing something as simple as Netflix is a HUGE hit with travelers and many of them voice their appreciation through reviews and messages to us. It is a small extra that makes a big impact.


Who is responsible for the items in the property?

The owner is responsible for all items in the property. For any holiday decor we provide, A Stay Above The Rest will be responsible for those items only. We will do routine inventory/ quality checks ourselves and our cleaning crews also inspect every time for things broken/ missing. In the event something needs replaced due to wear, we will contact you to discuss.


What housekeeping and maintenance services are provided/required?


  • A professional cleaning is mandatory after every stay; whether the stay is by owner, guest of owner or rental guest. A cleaning fee for an owner stay will be deducted from the rental revenue and shown on the monthly owner report.
  • Deep cleanings are required on an as needed basis. This will include a washing of all quilts, duvets, mattress pads, blankets, etc. However, we try to have these items washed a little at a time during normal cleans so you aren’t hit with a “big clean”. 
  • We handle maintenance for light bulbs, batteries, air filters, etc.
  • All urgent maintenance issues will be handled by A Stay Above The Rest. We then set a maximum dollar amount for issues that you will be notified at the time of occurrence and asked permission. Any expenses will come out of owner revenue.


What are the fees associated with A Stay Above The Rest? Any monthly, annual, or recurring fees?

  • The owner will pay A Stay Above The Rest a property management fee that is competitive with the local market on rental revenue.
  • Cleaning fees, taxes, etc. are paid by the guest and distributed accordingly (unless it is an owner stay, then expense will come out of rental revenue)
  • Owner shall pay A Stay Above The Rest for any sheets or towels to be replaced as needed- only when run down/stained and not in great shape!
  • Netflix is $11.99 – $13.99 a month, which will come out of your owner revenue.
  • Batteries, light bulbs and air filters are on an as needed basis. These expenses will come out of rental revenue and be shown as an expense on the owner report.
  • Supplies (soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.) can be handled a few different ways and are subject to the property’s area and rental agreement with A Stay Above The Rest


  Read Guidelines And How To Join Us for the next steps on joining the A Stay Above The Rest rental family!!