Rental Management

Why we are “Above the Rest”…

A Stay Above The Rest was founded by vacation rental owners who have a huge passion for travel and accommodation, which gives us an immense amount of insight on what other owners and investors would like for their properties! We like to think of ourselves as “asset managers” rather than just “property managers”. We take care of things so that you never have to worry about your investment or second home being abused and left in bad shape. Since we are in this for the long run with our owners, we want to build lasting relationships and will do everything we can to make sure that we are keeping your property in great condition and things are being taken care of so you don’t have to worry about a thing! With our love of travel, we are also very innovative on how to make guest stays with us special and something that creates lasting memories for them. With our mix of luxurious accommodations, great customer service and an excellent return on investment, we offer the perfect mix for those who are wanting more out of a property manager!

Guest Services:

  • Not having a front-desk is a big challenge for the short-term rental industry.  That’s why we provide 24/7 contact for our guests. It’s important someone is available immediately throughout the reservation process and during their stay.
  • Team of contractors and tradesmen to respond to problems promptly so that the guest’s stay does not suffer.
  • Binder supplied with information on property (even how to use the remotes), where to eat, things to do, etc.
  • We understand how much vacations mean to people. Some of our most precious memories are made on vacation and we keep that in mind through every step of the rental process for each guest.
  • Very detailed instructions and overly helpful staff to ensure they know where they are going and what to expect. We make the entire process for them as easy as possible!
  • EXTREMELY attentive to inquiries and questions. Average response time is 6 mins!! (we do not use an auto response). Yep, you read that right!


Owner Services:

  • Complimentary professional pictures for us to advertise your property and surrounding area.
  • We’re conscientious of the costs in owning/operating a vacation rental. Rather than the industry standard of replacing all sheets, towels, etc. annually, we replace as needed to save you on operating expenses.
  • Collection of the rental, cleaning, taxes, etc. and report taxes to the appropriate agencies
  • We set ourselves apart by completing a comprehensive rate analysis multiple times a week for your property. This rate analysis along with regular productivity reports are used to determine the best rates for highest occupancy and revenue. They are subject to change very often due to this.
  • Online owner portal where you can see availability and rental income from each stay.
  • You are not a number, but a partner with us! Everyone on our team will know who you are and call you by name! We are here to build a long lasting partnership.
  • Payments to owners with a detailed monthly report, including expenses, are given by the 7th of the following month.
  • Advertising on multiple channels, email campaigns, social media, our website, etc.
  • Website with detailed information on what to do in your area, property, and ability to book!


Other things that are “Above The Rest”:

  • We can handle any step from purchasing an investment property, remodeling, decorating, etc. for your vacation rental!
  • Very experienced design team to ensure the property is outfitted and decorated properly. We have trade discounts with many vendors and have tons of research into the products we choose for comfort and durability. We know what it takes to make it in a vacation rental, which will save you time and money!
  • We make money by making you more money! Our revenue is driven through larger quantity of bookings rather than collecting expensive fees and upcharges to owners. We have both the owner’s and guest’s best interest in mind! We treat you how we would expect to be treated- we are owners, too!
  • We are keyless! We use all key code locks so every guest has their own specific code for their duration of stay. This way there is no chance of someone having a key to your property after their visit! You also have your own code and we can make temporary codes for anyone you want to bring with you, maintenance persons, etc., so you never have to give your code out to anyone.
  • We require appliances, decor, towels, sheets and an overall feel to make the guest feel pampered!





Will I still be able to use my property if A Stay Above The Rest is managing it for me?

Absolutely! Keep in mind that the more you use it during holidays or peak times the less money you will make, but all you need to do is contact us to book your stay days (info given later on how to do this) and pay a cleaning fee after each stay.


How do I make my property “Above The Rest”?

We will come take a look at your property and on a case by case basis give our opinion on what we think may need changed, purchased or even just rearranged. Furnishing your personal home is much different than a vacation rental with both looks and durability. We also want it to look top notch! We have certain standards on quality and items offered to guests, so a look around your property is the easiest way to establish a plan of action! We will then compile a bid for you on either remodel and/or design/furnish. We have a comprehensive list of absolutely everything our vacation rental properties must have that we will share after we have an agreement with you, but when we give you a bid, we give very conservative numbers so we do not have to ask for more money! We want you to know exactly what to expect with us- we are all about honesty and setting the right expectations.


How are rental rates determined?

There are many facets to how rates are determined and maintained. We have specialized software to determine your true competition, we carefully watch occupancy and demand levels and several other factors. Rates is one of our top priorities and are very likely to change often due to a mutual goal of wanting to maximize bookings and profit while staying competitive, but not to lower the quality of guests we attract.


Do I need to provide cable, wifi, Netflix, etc.?

We do require wifi to be provided, strong signal and stable. Basic cable is required. We also require Netflix be provided and we will take this out of your rental rates each month. Providing something as simple as Netflix is a HUGE hit with travelers and many of them voice their appreciation through reviews and messages to us. It is a small extra that makes a big impact.


Who is responsible for the items in the property?

The owner is responsible for all items in the property. For any holiday decor we provide, A Stay Above The Rest will be responsible for those items only. We will do routine inventory/ quality checks ourselves and our cleaning crews also inspect every time for things broken/ missing. In the event something needs replaced due to wear, we will contact you to discuss.


What housekeeping and maintenance services are provided/required?


  • A professional cleaning is mandatory after every stay; whether the stay is by owner, guest of owner or rental guest. A cleaning fee for an owner stay will be deducted from the rental revenue and shown on the monthly owner report.
  • Deep cleanings are required on an as needed basis. This will include a washing of all quilts, duvets, mattress pads, blankets, etc.
  • We handle maintenance for light bulbs, batteries, air filters, etc.
  • All urgent maintenance issues will be handled by A Stay Above The Rest. For issues over $150, you will be notified at the time of occurrence. Any expenses will come out of owner revenue.


What are the fees associated with A Stay Above The Rest? Any monthly, annual, or recurring fees?

  • The owner will pay A Stay Above The Rest a property management fee that is competitive with the local market on rental revenue.
  • Cleaning fees, taxes, etc. are paid by the guest and distributed accordingly (unless it is an owner stay, then expense will come out of rental revenue)
  • Owner shall pay A Stay Above The Rest for any sheets or towels to be replaced as needed- only when run down/stained and not in great shape!
  • Netflix is $11.99 a month, which will come out of your owner revenue.
  • Batteries, light bulbs, soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. are on an as needed basis. These expenses will come out of rental revenue and be shown as an expense on the owner report.


  General Requirement Guidelines:


This is a generalized list and is subject to change. It does not include proper furnishings/decor. Please check with us prior to making purchases as we have found preferred brands/locations to get much of these items and have trade discounts. We have a much more detailed list including every item necessary with quantities based on maximum occupancy level for all of our rentals we will supply with a signed contract. We may make recommendations for items on top of the requirements specific to your property/location. These items MUST be new or look new! Either TV or Bluray player must be Smart with apps for each television setup.

Kitchen: (quantities based on maximum occupancy- all sets must be matching and up to date)

  • Keurig and a traditional coffee maker
  • Water dispenser (either in fridge or Brita pitcher)
  • Matching glassware, mugs, plates, bowls, silverware, etc.
  • Wine & cocktail/ scotch glasses (martini, shot & margarita recommended if room allows)
  • Basic appliances (microwave, stove, fridge, etc.)
  • Matching pots & pans
  • Baking dishes and cookie sheets
  • Cooking Utensils (we have detailed list)
  • Tea Pitcher
  • Toaster
  • Trashcan
  • Adequate sized crockpot
  • Oven mitts & hand towels
  • Blender
  • Kitchenaid Mixer (this is mostly for advertising and gets bookings!)

Living/Dining Room:

  • Large TV -minimum of 50”. We prefer 4K Ultra HD TV’s (so do guests!)
  • DVD/Blu-ray player
  • Netflix (we use smart DVD player for access)
  • Throw blankets


  • Refillable soap dispenser for shower/bath
  • Hair dryer
  • Bath mats
  • Dark towels for makeup removal (you’ll thank us for these! Saves on ruined towels)

Miscellaneous Items:

  • TV for each bedroom (40” minimum)
  • Alarm clocks for each bedroom with outlets/ usb ports
  • Adequate pillows for proper comfort level
  • Updated bedding & throw pillows- very plush!
  • Throw blankets for couches, beds, etc.
  • Nightlights for dark hallways, bathrooms, etc.
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Basic cleaning supplies
  • Proper seating for all outdoor patios/balconies