Why We Are “Above The Rest”

A Commitment to Excellence that is 

‘Above The Rest’

A Stay Above The Rest was founded by vacation rental owners who understand the industry and the complications that goes along with it. Founded on having a strong passion for travel, hospitality and a relentless commitment to excellence, A Stay Above The Rest strives to be best in class at everything we do. Rather than simply offering traditional management services, we prefer to think of ourselves as “asset managers”.

Our first hand industry experience has allowed us to offer fine-tuned and comprehensive services so that as an owner, you never have to worry about your investment. We see our owners as partners and build our brand around establishing lasting relationships with them. Your success is our motivation!

We take our commitment to our partners seriously. Our daily objective is to ensure that your property is and remains in great condition while maximizing your rental profits and maintaining steady occupancy – and we’re good at it!! With our mix of luxurious accommodations, unrivaled customer service and an excellent return on investment, we offer the perfect solution for those wanting more out of a property manager.

Our promise to you is that we will put in the effort, hours and know-how to make your partnership experience beyond worthwhile.


Purchase – Take advantage of our in-house realtor to find you the best potential options in rental properties available for purchase! Using meticulously captured data, our skilled team is able to develop a comprehensive list of purchase opportunities for your review. We’re able to provide the perfect investment options by size, location and overall capitalization rate which ensures that any options presented to you have been vetted and are on target to be easily marketed, well received and lucrative.

Remodel – Our expert team is well crafted to manage any remodel project (big or small). Understanding that the objective is to drive income and provide future guests with all the comforts and accommodations associated with the A Stay Above The Rest brand, our design team meticulously reviews your options to ensure that the entire property will flow from tile and flooring choices, paint, decor, furniture and more! We have thousands of 5-star guest reviews to prove it!

Design/ Outfitting – Our highly skilled in-house designers can polish even the roughest of gems into a diamond worthy of being called ‘A Stay Above The Rest’. From full design and outfitting overhauls to adding minor decorative touches – we’ll make sure that your property is up to our standards, staged for photos and ready for vacationers. We’re known by guests for providing high-quality products and respected by our partners for our trade discounts and hands-on expertise that save them time and money! We never lose sight of your goal – to provide a marketable, cost-efficient and revenue-generating vacation rental.

Rental Management – Many of our partners/property owners never step foot in their rentals. That’s because they know that we’re taking care of everything for them! We invite all of our partners to be as involved as they care to be- we understand that this is YOUR property and your level of involvement may vary depending on your experience, schedule, and trust. We provide the same range of services and dedication to YOUR property as we do our own! We are investment and business-minded with an insatiable appetite to provide and be the best. Our rates management, property quality, guest services, and strategic marketing allows us to average a revenue stream of 2-3 times as much as other management companies. We take all the hassle out of your ownership experience while ensuring that there are no hidden or outlandish fees for the services we provide. 


We continually push the industry norm in our desire to be the best at what we do. We never cut corners and leave no stone unturned when it comes to the level and quality of services we provide. We’ve carefully examined the plethora of marketing and promotional options to ensure that your investment is getting the thorough attention it deserves. 

We have the credentials to back it up too!

Guest Services

Providing Unbeatable Experiences

  • 24/7 Guest Support Phone Line (call/ text) -We offer guests the ability to reach a live member of our staff 24/7. Providing immediate assistance to guests during the early phases of a reservation allows us to make the experience personable, easy and yields a higher rate of conversions of inquiries into confirmed reservations. It is important to us that YOUR property be well taken care of. Should an issue arise, we spring into action immediately to find an efficient resolution.
  • Instant Booking – Guests have the option of instantly booking their reservation with us on all listing sites. We maintain a flawless calendar with property availability and nightly rates. Combined with our marketing strategy and high ratings, this assists in the sort order (putting us closer to the top of the list of results) and establishes the health and integrity of the property listing itself. It also allows for the option to easily book/confirm their stay immediately (wildly efficient with last- minute stays!). Over 90% of our guests utilize this feature.
  • 5 Star Guest Care – As travel enthusiasts, we understand that vacations are meaningful to people. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding guest care and experiences. Some of our most precious memories are made on vacation and we keep that in mind through every step of the rental process for each guest.
  • Easy Keyless Access -Every property that we manage uses smart locks, at no extra cost to our partners! Each guest is provided their own, unique door code that is only valid for the duration of their stay (owners are provided with their code as well). We send guests very detailed instructions, with pictures and maps if necessary, so they know where to go and what to expect. Smart locks allow for a higher level of security (for the guest and your property) as well as convenient guest access and check-in. Our helpful staff is available to assist with any questions 24/7 and we can manually lock/unlock doors and generate new codes remotely. We make the entire process easy and enjoyable!
  • Fast Responses – We are EXTREMELY attentive to inquiries and questions. Our average response time is 6 mins!! (we do not use an auto-response). Yep, you read that right! The world we are in wants instant gratification and immediate answers to their questions and that is what we aim to provide. We are available to guests via email, text or call to provide lightning-fast resolutions and support throughout the entire process.
  • Maintenance -We expect all housekeeping and maintenance contractors to act as an extension of ourselves, and we set the bar pretty high! Through excessive vetting, we have formed a team of highly efficient and reliable contractors and tradesmen that respond to any problems that arise promptly. Our team understands the importance of guest satisfaction and takes every precaution to ensure that their experience and satisfaction do not suffer.
  • Information & Resources -Each property we manage supplies guests with a ‘Guest Book’ providing information specific to the location that they are visiting. Guests can find information about the property (even how to use the remotes), house rules, suggestions for were to eat and places to experience during their stay. Before their arrival, guests receive an email with a similar nature to assist them with preparing for their adventure. Our staff is always ready and eager to answer any questions guests have and assist them throughout their stay.

Owner Services

We Work Hard So You Don’t Have To

  • Complimentary Professional Pictures – As an added service to our partners, we cover the cost of professional photos of your property. These are used to market your property and surrounding areas and to promote your rental property on the many booking sites that we use.
  • No Cost Smart Lock & Hub – As part of our onboarding process, and initial setup when taking on a property, we purchase and supply a smart door lock and hub Z-wave system offering easy access and added security. Owners have the option to buy the lock and hub system if they prefer to own it themselves, but that is completely optional.
  • No Shared Linens – We’re conscientious about the costs associated with owning/operating a vacation rental. Rather than the industry standard of sharing all sheets, towels, etc. with other properties, and replacing them semi-annually, we replace as needed to save you on operating expenses and keep them separate from other properties. With our model, you are not penalized if another property has a greater amount of wear and tear on their linens and vice versa.
  • No Hidden FeesWe are vacation rental owners, too, so after experiencing hidden and unnecessary fees from other management companies, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Simply put, we make money by making you MORE money! We don’t shy away from putting in the hard work that it takes to increase revenue. Our revenue is driven by a larger quantity and quality of bookings rather than collecting expensive fees and up-charges from our partners. We have both the guest’s and our partner’s best interest in mind- always!
  • Security & Keyless Door Locks – Every property that we manage uses smart locks, at no extra cost to our partners! Every guest, contractor, staff member, and owner is provided their own unique door code. Our smart lock management software informs us of the instant someone enters the property, so we know that your investment is secure at all times. We also have the ability to regenerate codes and lock/unlock a door in a matter of seconds remotely. We also offer a smart thermostat that knows when the property is vacant vs occupied, door/ window sensors and camera monitoring (at an additional cost) if necessary.  
  • Tax Reporting -We handle the collection and remittance of rental income, cleaning expenses, city and state Hotel Occupancy Taxes, etc. We also facilitate tax reporting to the appropriate agencies so you do not have to worry about it.
  • Rates Management – Our diverse and skilled team possess backgrounds in operations, accounting, real estate, investments, and analytics- just to name a few! This makes us uniquely suited to effectively perform a robust and comprehensive rate analysis multiple times a week. Tasked with compiling data from various channels, along with productivity reports, our team can determine the best nightly rates for yielding the highest occupancy and revenue for each property. Rates are monitored regularly and can change daily (or multiple times a day) when and if the need arises.
  • Owner Portal – The industry-renowned software we use used to aid in the management of your investment offers an online Owner’s Portal. This comprehensive tool can be utilized to view maintenance tickets, rental income, monthly statements and run reports for any properties that you own we manage for you. You also can block off the rental calendar for personal stays. We believe in being transparent with our partners, and our owner portal effortlessly provides the transparency our partners desire.
  • Owner Relationships – We respect our owners and never want them to feel like they’re just a number (we know that feeling and it’s not how we do business!). We prefer to think of you as our partner, and like every good partnership, we are here to set you up for success – after all, we can’t succeed unless you do, too! Every member of our team knows who each of our owners is, what properties they have and can call them by name (even if you can’t do the same with us)! Our purpose when we decided to start this business was, and continues to be, building long-lasting, lucrative and pleasant relationships with our owners and investors.
  • Monthly Payments – Owner payments are deposited directly to your bank via ACH transfer on a monthly cadence. All monthly statements are emailed and available for review in the owner portal no later than the 7th of the following month.
  • Marketing – We put great effort into our strategic marketing and advertising campaigns, which yields great results. Each property we manage is listed on multiple booking sites; including our website, Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, Expedia, Tripadvisor and Booking.com (there’s more, but you get the point – we get your property out there!). We also facilitate email and social media campaigns that get sent to thousands of followers (well above the market average for the number of followers). We utilize smaller sites and SEO factors to drive business to our website where guests have access to tons of helpful information that has proven successful in aiding them in making confident decisions about their booking needs. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not partake in copy & paste marketing strategies but would rather put in the extra effort to truly engage with our followers, which has been fruitful in encouraging frequent repeat customers. 
  • Instant Booking – While this is also a guest service, it is a huge perk to owners, too! Listing sites show favoritism to properties with instant booking capabilities. By allowing this function, our listings consistently receive greater traffic. Guests also love being able to book instantly instead of having to wait for a response on whether or not the property is available, so our properties stand out and get booked more often than those that do not have an instant booking process. It also appeals to the large number of last-minute reservations that are common on listing sites. Instant booking options are commonly thought of as a hassle by others within our industry. Where they lack the organization and staff to handle the complexities – we see it as way to maximize on profits and occupancy (since our calendars are always up to date and our team is always available to assist).
  • Same Day Bookings & TurnoversOur flawlessly up-to-date calendar along with allowing instant bookings grants guests the ability to schedule a same day reservation. We have found that by offering the option for same day booking we’re able to capitalize on vacancies in a way that many other property managers can’t. If a guest confirms their reservation at 7p, we’ll have them set up and ready to enjoy their vacation in under 30 minutes! This is yet another way that we are able to utilize our attention to detail and amazing customer service to help maximize your rental revenue!! In addition to same day bookings, we also ensure same day turnovers too! There is no downtime or delay in cleaning – your rental will be sparkling clean and ready for the next guest to enjoy within 2-3 hours after check-out. All without compromising on the integrity of the cleanliness and charm that is a staple of our appeal!

Don’t just take our word for it… Our reviews speak for themselves!

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