Frequently Asked Questions by Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions by Potential Partners


We understand that vacation rental ownership can be complicated. But, it doesn’t have to be! We’re here to help every step of the way starting with answers to frequently asked questions.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!! You and your guests can use your vacation as much or as little as you’d like. We do encourage our partners to consider the timing of their stay, though. For instance, during holidays and peak seasons rate is higher and the demand for occupancy increases. So, we could all be missing out on that extra revenue if you were to stay during that time. We make it easy to schedule your stay! You can access your property’s calendar any time in your owner portal. And block it off or have our team block it off for you!

We love being able to offer our guests a wide range of luxury vacation rentals – big and small! We currently manage several properties throughout the state of Texas. Including Galveston Island, Lake Travis and other areas of Central Texas. We also provide our full range of management services in Ruidoso, New Mexico. And currently have more rentals under construction we will add in the coming months. In addition, we have also begun offering services to sell “time share” type points/weeks at high end resorts (NYC, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta – just to name a few cities). We are open to new areas and seeing how we can optimize your rental revenue while still maintaining proper care for your property and an amazing guest experience. If we decide we can adequately take your property on, our dynamic management team promises to deliver all the same guest and owner services that we are known for. Our commitment to excellence will never be diminished by distance.

Ultimately, the owner is responsible for the property and all items within it. During certain holiday seasons, we do decorate the properties to make them more festive. And we will be responsible for all of those decor items. We facilitate routine inventory and quality checks ourselves. In addition to having our cleaning staff diligently inspects each property between every guest. Although we attract good quality guests, accidents do occasionally happen. And in those occurrences, the guests are liable for the damage. If something needs to be replaced or repaired, we will be in contact with you to discuss your options.

We offer a full range of services geared to provide you with your ideal vacation rental! 
Our in-house realtor can assist you with purchasing a rental property in your desired area that we believe has the potential for a great return and guest experience. We also often times have properties available for sale already within our network that offer no downtime and a smooth owner transition!. 
Design/ Furnishing: (Make Ready)
Current property owners have the opportunity to capitalize on their investment by partnering with A Stay Above The Rest to offer guests the best in accommodations while also increasing revenue. Our “Make Ready” service provides detail driven decor and furnishing expertise that can range from a complete overhaul to adding finishing touches all handled by our highly skilled design team. Most importantly, their services are often very little or no cost to you! 
Remodel Oversight:
If you currently own a property that is a little too well worn, we offer and are very experienced with (70% of our properties are acquired this way) management of complete property remodels! No project is too big or small for our incredible staff to handle. You can expect complete transparency throughout the entire process. And, regardless of the service we’re providing for you – you’ll never be left in the dark or taken by surprise. All of our services are backed by our unrivaled management of your property. In addition to the unrivaled rental income we drive for our properties. In short, we take the stress and hassle out of vacation rental ownership – no matter where you are in the process!!

We will work within your comfort zone to ensure that your property is brought to our level of standards. We supply a list of basic requirements that any property we manage MUST have. If you would prefer to go at things alone, we respect that. And can assess the property when you are finished to ensure it fits our brand standards and appeal. We always suggest that owners take advantage of our detail driven design team to ensure that every aspect of your rental is guest ready. Their time and services are often complimentary or at very little charge!! We’ll never push any purchases or furnishings on you that aren’t in your or the guests best interest! Decorating a vacation rental is very different than decorating your home, in both quality and decor. We’re here to help with the transition in any way that we can. It is our end goal is to ensure that your property is being utilized to its full potential! 

Our highly skilled team makes every effort to get your property live. And without ever cutting corners or comprising on the quality and integrity that is our standard. We offer many different services to assist you with getting your property ready for renting. Regardless of the level of work needed, our team is efficient and effective in tackling the project. So that your property is available to market as quickly as possible. If your vacation rental is already being managed by yourself, or another property manager, we can likely bring your property into our rental family even quicker. Having it active on the listing sites within a week, depending on the size and scope of work (if any) needed. For those looking to invest in a vacation rental that requires less downtime, we offer several properties already in our care and on the market . Resulting in a smooth owner transition without any loss of revenue! For those looking to purchase, that timeframe can vary greatly. Due to financing, remodel work needed, furnishing shipment times, etc. Contact us today so that we can give you a better idea of timing for your project!

Frequently Asked Questions – The “A Stay Above The Rest” Difference

Furnishing your personal home is much different than a vacation rental with looks, content, and durability. Many of our partners have entrusted us with getting their properties market-ready for them. We offer a wide range of services from purchase, remodel, furnishing, etc. Because we want all of our properties to look top-notch and to offer our guests an amazing vacation rental experience. We have certain standards on quality, amenities and the general appearance of each home we bring into our rental property family. And love to assist our partner in achieving the quality and standards of our brand. When working with owners, we provide a list of basic requirements for their consideration. And one or more members of our design/marketing team will work with the owner to view the property and establish a “plan of action”. We then compile a bid for the services/ items needed. And, after approval, we take action and handle the purchasing and set up entirely! We air on the side of caution and will always try to provide you with very conservative figures in our proposal. We want you to know exactly what to expect with us, Because we’re all about honesty, integrity and setting the right expectations. Our end goal is always to assist you in creating a revenue efficient investment that you are proud of and that guests want to visit.

We employ professional cleaning crews that are local to each property. Our very loyal and detail-driven team of contractors aid us in receiving TONS of reviews for the cleanliness of our properties. A professional clean is mandatory after every stay. Cleaning fees are collected from the guest for each reservation. And then we handle the payments to the cleaners. Deep cleanings are not typical as we have high standards for each clean. But they may be required on an as-needed basis. This will include washing of all quilts, duvets, mattress pads, blankets, etc. However, these items are often washed in rotation during the normal cleans in an effort to eliminate the need for a “big clean”. At no additional cost to you, we handle the replacement of all light bulbs, batteries, air filters, etc. – fewer things for you to be concerned with! We will also handle all maintenance for the property. Ranging from lawn care to repair or replacement of items and furnishings. All urgent maintenance issues are handled by our knowledgable staff. Because we set a maximum dollar amount, should and issue arise that exceeds that price point – you will be notified and asked for permission to proceed (typically $200). All expenses will be deducted from owner revenue or paid by the owner at the time of service, depending on the amount.

No cable required, but high-speed WiFi is required at every property and must have a strong, stable signal. We also require that Netflix be available on TV’s within the property. But, we manage the Netflix account and payment for our owners and simply deduct it from their monthly owner statement (one of the ONLY fees we charge). Providing something as simple as Netflix is a HUGE hit with guests. And time and time again we receive positive feedback about their appreciation. We are all about the little (cost-effective) extras that make big impacts! In certain areas, we may advise that you provide cable or a streaming service such as Youtube TV.

Where do we begin?? There are many areas we capitalize on rental revenue. And are always looking for ways to be more innovative in every area of our business! Allowing guests the option of instant and same day bookings enables us to fill potential vacancies. And often times at a higher nightly rate. Many of our peers do not offer these services and miss out on this potential revenue. We also demand same day turnovers of our cleans. Which means no downtime in between stays. And allows back to back guests without compromising on the cleanliness or integrity of the property. A higher occupancy rate = a greater revenue stream. The A Stay Above The Rest name has become synonymous with luxury and comfort. Because of this, guests are willing to pay more when they get more out of their experience. And we deliver an unparalleled experience from booking all the way to check out and beyond. As a result. we are consistently able to gain a revenue 2-3 times greater on each property than that of similar property managers annually. All while maintaining a high standard of upkeep and cleanliness of your property. Nightly rates are diligently monitored to ensure that they remain competitive and enticing to our ideal demographic of guests. All of this on top of our our strategic marketing campaigns, yields a higher rate of revenue. As well as a  steady occupancy for our properties and their owners. 

Rate Management & Management Service Fees Frequently Asked Questions

Rate management is a crucial function for all vacation rentals. We’re proud of our aggressive, dynamic approach to setting the best rate to not only optimize nightly rates but maximize occupancy with quality renters at the same time. There are many facets to how we manage the determination and maintenance of rates. Our highly skilled analytics team analyzes multiple different reports. And closely monitors demand, trends, local events, seasons and your property’s true competition. In order to establish an ideal rate that will remain competitive while attracting to our desired demographic of renters. Rates are reviewed/adjusted continuously- we do not simply set it and forget it! We typically adjust rates AT LEAST once a week if not numerous times in one day, depending on the location, occupancy and season.

A Stay Above The Rest will receive a property management commission on the nightly rental rate only, competitive with the local market. We highly emphasize “no additional fees” for our partners!! All cleaning fees, taxes, etc. are paid by the guest and distributed accordingly. We do not charge any additional fees for replacing batteries, light bulbs, air filters, etc. Outside of maintenance we pay ahead of time for our owners (repairing a toilet, broken appliance, etc.), the only additional costs are Netflix, which we require for every property, and upkeep of the home/ furnishings as needed. Supplies such as soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. can be handled in several different ways and are subject to the property’s area, the owner’s preferences and the Rental Agreement with A Stay Above The Rest.

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