With a wide variety of restaurants in the hill country, you’ll enjoy options from casual dining on the lake to fine dining at a vineyard.  Consider driving through the hill country for a great steak dinner, but don’t ignore the option of taking a boat and docking for a sandwich and beer.

Here are some of our favorites listed below:

Gnarly Gar – Link (accessible by boat) 8.4 miles (20 min.) by car

Bistro at Flat Creek – Link 17 miles (29 min.)

Blue Bonnet Cafe – Link 34 miles (46 min.)

** The Oasis – Link 27 miles (44 minutes) **Austin Hotspot- amazing sunsets over the lake!!

Oasthouse Kitchen & Bar  – Link 24 miles (38 minutes)

The Lantern Bar & Grill  – Link (accessible by boat) 

Lucy’s Fried Chicken  – Link 31 miles (50 minutes)

The Grill at Rough Hollow  – Link (accessible by boat)

Sundancer Grill  – Link (accessible by boat)

Latte Vista Cafe and Coffee Shop – Link 6.5 miles (14 minutes)

Wok n’ Grill  – 6.4 miles (14 minutes) *Amazing food and SUPER friendly staff!!

Deedee’s Tacos and More – Link 6.4 miles (14 minutes)